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It does not matter if you are simply replacing your current AC with a new one or are thinking of getting an upgrade. What matters is the type of unit that you are getting for such a plan.

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Why is a ductless mini-split AC highly recommended for those who want to install an AC for their home? Find out by reading about the many benefits you get from such an AC choice.

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Your AC is designed to keep your living spaces cool, not cause ice crystals to form inside the unit. But there is a reasonable explanation for ice on your AC in the summer months and it begins with the evaporator coil.

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Professional Ductwork Cleaning Is It Really Worth It

Many homeowners are skeptical about hiring the pros to clean their ductwork. If you’re not convinced that professional duct cleaning is worth it, here are a few points that may change your mind.

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Curb Seasonal Allergies By Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

There are several ways to curb seasonal allergies but the most effective method is by improving your indoor air quality.

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The Different Components of Your AC Explained

Ever wondered just what the different components of your AC system actually do? Wonder no more.

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Why Choose a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner

If you're finding yourself waffling on whether to pick a high-efficiency air conditioner over the other types of AC units available, here are some compelling reasons why you should go with the high-efficiency unit.

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