Key HVAC Danger Signs You Should Not Ignore

Key HVAC Danger Signs That You Should Not Ignore

Keeping your HVAC unit well-maintained is something you need to do on a regular basis. If you neglect to take proper care of your heating and cooling system, you will need more frequent repairs and find yourself in a position to buy a replacement unit sooner than necessary. To make sure your HVAC is in good working condition all the time, you need to check it regularly for problems.

There are signs that you should look out for when you inspect your HVAC system. These signs indicate what is wrong with your system and what you need to do about it. These signs also indicate that you need to fix the issue ASAP because it is a serious concern.

HVAC Problem Signs to Look Out For

There are several things that can go wrong with your HVAC. If you are not diligent in checking regularly and don’t heed the warning signs, you may end up needing to replace your system instead of having it fixed. Here are some signs that you should never ignore:

Odd smells – There are a few smells that indicate serious issues with your HVAC. For example, if you smell rotten eggs, this indicates that there is a natural gas leak in your heating system. When this happens, evacuate everyone and call professionals for help.

Another odd smell you should not ignore is when you smell something burning. Electrical smells and musty smells coming from your HVAC should also be checked. These all indicate serious problems from within your system.

High energy bills – When your energy bills are higher than usual and you did not do anything different to warrant such a spike, there is a high probability that you have HVAC problems. When your HVAC is not working efficiently, this usually manifests in high energy consumption, hence the rising energy costs.

Weird noises – If you hear noises coming from your heating and cooling system, there is a problem. Some of the noises you might hear include banging, scraping, grating, grinding, and hissing. You may also hear squeaking, squealing, and gurgling noises. When these happen, contact an HVAC professional immediately.

Puddles and leaks – This is not supposed to happen with your HVAC. Even a small leak can point toward a serious problem within your system. This leak may cause not only issues with your heating and cooling but also with the stuff in your home since this can bring about water damage.

Uneven heating and cooling – When you notice hot spots and cold areas in your home, your HVAC may be operating inefficiently. Some of the reasons for these include dirty filters, holes in your ducts, and an old HVAC system that needs upgrading.

When you notice any of these signs, do not hesitate to contact an HVAC professional immediately. In Boston, Middlesex and Suffolk County Areas, the company you can trust to help you deal with this is Bright Star Heating. We are a company that specializes in heating and cooling systems. We offer a wide array of HVAC services, which include AC installation, AC maintenance, heating installation, heating maintenance, and more.

Contact us today at 978-233-3656 and get the help you need for your HVAC issues.


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