Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Plan in Boston & Surrounding Areas

Air Conditioning Unit Maintenance Plan in Boston, Middlesex & Suffolk County Areas
Bright Star Heating Supply Co., Inc. is a professionally and expertly run heating and cooling company, and we conduct ourselves as such. We believe that our jobs are never done, even after each insulation, air sealing, or ductwork project, unless you are 100% satisfied.

Just like a doctor’s appointment, your HVAC system needs to be routinely checked and inspected to make sure that they are in good working order which is why we offer our A/C unit maintenance plan.

The Benefits of Bright Star Heating Supply Co., Inc. Maintenance Plans

To keep your systems and installations in tiptop form, each of our services includes a maintenance plan. With this plan, not only will your systems be able to function longer, but also:

  • Receive discount on repairs and parts
  • Receive routine cleanups and checkups
  • Help lower your utility bills
  • Prioritize your unit’s schedule

All done by a trustworthy company!

Air Conditioning Unit Inspection

Our air conditining plans help prevent costly and inconvenient issues from arising.  To keep your air conditioning units in working order, our maintenance plan includes:

  • Inspection of refrigerant charge
  • Inspection of compressor amperage
  • Check the connections of electrical wirings
  • Inspect the capacitor
  • Inspect the calibration and thermostat level
  • Inspect condensing temperature split at condenser
  • Flush condensate drain line
  • Lubricate the necessary parts
  • Test all controls
  • Check air flow

And many more! You can rest assured that your system will receive a through inspection so there are less changes of unexpected surprises during the hot summer months.

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Why Choose Bright Star Heating Supply Co., Inc.?

Bright Star Heating Supply Co., Inc., has been working in the surrounding areas of in Boston, Middlesex & Suffolk County Areas ever since the early 1900’s with the same management since 1976. With each heating, cooling, and air sealing project, we always put our clients first before anything else. That is why, when you choose us, you will not only be receiving the best HVAC system service, but also get the best value out of your money while we do all the difficult tasks! If you are interested in our air conditioning maintenance plans or any of our services, do not hesitate and call us at: 978-233-3656. You may also visit our contact page here to learn more!

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