Air Conditioning Unit Replacements in Boston, Middlesex & Suffolk County Areas

Air Conditioning Replacements in Boston & Surrounding Areas

At Bright Star Heating Supply Co., Inc., we have been in the heating and cooling business for generations and under the same management since 1976. With our years of experience, we are always the best choice when it comes to insulating, heating, air sealing, and cooling your home. Our highly trained professionals want to bring the best out of your property because we know its full potential and capability to give you a comfortable living environment.

Air Conditioning Unit Replacements in Boston, Middlesex & Suffolk County Areas

Whether your goal is lower energy consumption, improved air quality in your home, or to keep your home’s temperature comfortable, you can always count on us to give you the home environment you have always dreamed of! You may contact us anytime by dialing 978-233-3656 for a free estimate on any of our air conditioning services in Boston, Middlesex or Suffolk County.

Types of Air Conditioning Units

Air conditioning repairs and replacing AC units is an important part of our job. If you suspect that your AC unit is busted or not functioning the way it used to, here is a list of the different types of air conditioning units that you can choose from at Bright Star Heating Supply Co., Inc.

Central air conditioning systems – Keeps the whole house or commercial space cool via distributing cooled air through the ducts and vents.

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Mini-Split Air Conditioners – These units do not need ducts, unlike other air conditioning units. Ductless mini-split air conditioning systems are normally used to cool individual areas inside your property.

Window Unit Air Conditioners – This type of AC unit is typically installed through an open window or through a hole in a wall. This system cools the areas of your building and cools the indoor air by blowing it through the evaporator.

Packaged Terminal Air Conditions – Also known as, PTAC, this system is a self-contained, through-the-wall appliance that is mounted through a hole that is cut into an exterior wall.

The Right Time to Replace Your AC

Just because your air conditioning unit doesn't work properly, does not mean that it should immediately be replaced. Sometimes, the best move is to have it repaired by HVAC professionals. However, if you cannot tell if your unit needs to be replaced or repaired, you can ask the following questions to help determine the best course of action:

  • What is the age of the unit and what is this type of unit's typical lifespan?
  • Is repairing the system better than having the whole thing replaced?
  • Am I using this unit as regularly as I should?
  • Do I want something better than just “cold air?"
  • Does my property need to be cooled all the time?
  • Is there anything new in the air conditioning industry that would be a long term savings option?

For all of your AC replacement and AC repair issues in Boston, Middlesex & Suffolk County areas, contact us today at 978-233-3656!

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