How Long It Takes to Install a New AC

If you are thinking of installing a new AC for your home, one of the questions you are most likely to ask the person installing it is, “how long will it take?” This question is common enough among people having an AC installed but there is no singular answer for all of those who ask this. In short, the answer to this question usually is, it depends.

There are many factors that affect the amount of time that is needed for air-conditioner installation. For example, how long it takes to install a window type AC can depend on whether your home already has provisions for such a unit, such as brackets, breakers, and the like. If these are not readily available for use with the new AC, the installation of these need to be included in the work that has to be done.

There are also other factors that come into play when you are wondering how long it takes for an AC to be installed. These include:

  • The size of your home – how big your home is will determine how long installation will take primarily because the bigger a home is, the more internal units there are to be installed.
  • The type of AC being installed – if you are having a centralized AC installed, you will need to have ducts installed (if you don’t have any ductwork in your home yet), which will take a lot of time. Even if you choose to have a ductless system installed, this will also take a bit of time since the hoses that are needed to direct cool air all over your home also needs to be installed. Window type air-conditioners are usually the quickest to install.
  • Where the AC is being installed – if the AC is being installed in a condominium unit, it might take longer to install than having an AC installed in a bungalow. This is because there are special equipment needed for such jobs and there are also locations that are difficult to reach, making installation more difficult and time-consuming.

Trust in Bright Star Heating for Your AC Installation

When you need to have a new AC installed, whether you are thinking of having a ductless split system installed or a window type AC installed, in the Boston, Middlesex and Suffolk County Areas, the company to trust is Bright Star Heating. We have been in the business of installing, fixing, and maintaining AC units for over 4 decades, making us one of the authorities in the industry.

To have your AC installed or if you want to find out what kind of AC is best for your home or office, don’t hesitate to contact us. Call us at 978-233-3656 today to schedule a free assessment and estimate.

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