Air Duct Cleaning Service in Boston, Middlesex and Suffolk County Areas

Air Duct Cleaning in Boston, Middlesex & Suffolk County Areas

Even if you don’t smoke or use products containing harmful chemicals, your indoor air quality is still prone to contamination. Homes can collect up to 40 pounds of filth in the air ducts each year, which is an alarming number for many reasons.

For one thing, you inhale whatever pollutant that’s present in the air. The more hazardous the substance, the higher chances you have of getting sick. Your indoor environment also becomes less desirable as dust causes the atmosphere to feel heavy and bothersome. Lastly, a dirty duct system makes your HVAC less efficient since it’ll have to work double-time just to cover your entire property.

Because of this, you need to make it a habit to clean the ductwork regularly. However, this is a task you can’t do by yourself. The system is made up of several components and winding vents, so it’s difficult to clean it completely without the right tools.

That’s why it’s better to contact Bright Star for help so we can get rid of the filth the correct way.

Let Bright Star do All the Dirty Work for You

Bright Star has the experience, skill, and the necessary equipment to carry out a full duct vent cleaning service. We have the tools to not only remove the dirt between the vent grills but also the deepest parts of the air ducts.

Our fully licensed and certified duct vent specialists are trained to apply a full-service ductwork cleaning procedure each time they handle this job. Our duct cleaning services include the following:

  • Test the system to see how badly the dirt buildup has affected its performance
  • Clean the interior and exterior components of the heating or air conditioning unit
  • Clean or change the filter
  • Install odor control products
  • Do one final test to see the improvements

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With our help, your duct system will receive the care it deserves. You also won’t have to waste any of your personal time and energy to achieve the perfect home environment.

For more unmatched ductwork services in Boston, Middlesex and Suffolk County areas, give us a call at 978-233-3656 today.

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