Duct Sealing Service in Boston, Middlesex and Suffolk County Areas

Duct Sealing Service in Boston, Middlesex and Suffolk County Areas

One of the most common problems your ductwork can encounter is air leaks. The leaks can be caused by several factors but the usual suspects include:

  • Incorrect installation and construction
  • Natural or accidental events
  • Old age or worn out surfaces

Although duct leaks do affect the system’s physical structure, they also cause the following problems:

Lowers Air Duct Efficiency

Your air duct’s role is to help transport cool or warm air throughout your home. If it has developed air leaks, the smooth airflow will be disrupted. The longer you ignore the leakage, the less efficient the system becomes. You’ll also have a more difficult time creating the perfect home climate.

Increases Energy Costs

If the duct system is having trouble maintaining the optimal environment, your HVAC will have to work double-time to reach all the rooms. As a result, it’ll use up more electricity just to stay efficient and you’ll end up paying for more expensive utility bills.

Invites Outside Pollutants In

Not only do the leaks let pleasant indoor air escape, but they also invite outside contaminants in. When pollutants mix with the air you breathe, your indoor air quality becomes poor. This becomes a problem for people who have asthma, allergies, or weak immune systems because the environment is unfit for their condition.

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Restore Your Duct System’s Efficiency with Bright Star

That’s why it’s crucial that you contact Bright Star immediately so we can prevent these problems from occurring. We have the experience, skill, and necessary equipment to handle the leaks.

Our air duct specialists will detect the damage by applying a duct leakage test. They’ll also seal each hole correctly once they’re found. Moreover, they’re trained to work quickly yet efficiently so your indoor environment can return to its healthy condition much sooner.

When your duct system is showing signs of air leakage, give us a call at 978-233-3656 for fast and reliable ductwork services. Bright Star helps properties in Boston, Middlesex and Suffolk County areas.

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